Monday, September 14, 2009

Cupcakes With Sprinkles - DSFDF Challenge

The weather has finally cooled off enough that I can now open up the studio. So Sunday I pulled out my encaustic equipment and painted the Different Strokes For Different Folks Challenge (cupcakes with sprinkles).

Now ... understand, I have not painted an encaustic painting for over a year and although I am very happy with this painting it just isn't the best representation of the challenge. I could manipulate the wax to mimic the swirls in the icing. Which is why I haven't decided if I will submit it.

By posting it on my own blog, don't think I am bragging... it is just that I had so much fun getting back into the process I had to share my excitement and the fun that I had.

PS. I decided to submit the image. It is very generous of Karin Jurick to go to the trouble of posting all our work. After all, she is a working artist. How does she do it?

PPS. I now regret making the decision to post this on the DSFD blog. It didn't get one comment from the other DSFDF folks that visited my blog.



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